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Bucks Stat Rankings And Power Rankings

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Question: Are the Bucks the 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, or 21st best team in the NBA right now?

Stat Rankings
Winning Percentage (.375) 21st
Expected W-L (7-9) 20th
SRS (-1.78) 20th
Point Differential (-2.3) 21st
Efficiency Differential (-1.9) 20th

Power Rankings
SB Nation (Tom Ziller) 18th (Britt Robson) 19th (John Schuhmann) 17th (Marc Stein) 17th (John Hollinger) 19th (Chris Sheridan) 20th (Sam Amico) 18th (Kurt Helin) 19th
CBS Sports (Matt Moore) 18th
USA Today (Jeff Sagarin) 19th
HoopsWorld (Eric Pincus) 20th