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Best Of Brew Hoop Game Thread Comments: vs Spurs, vs Pistons, at Mavericks

Whether you comment regularly during Milwaukee Bucks games or simply stop by to watch the responses roll in, this is our chance to highlight the best of what we see each game and each week. Consider it an organic love letter to our faithful readers and commenters, and an open invitation to all newcomers to join in the fun. This segment is just a bit behind at the moment, so this is a bigger update than normal. Check out the reactions to wins against the San Antonio Spurs and Detroit Pistons, and a loss to the Dallas Mavericks beyond the jump:

Spurs vs Bucks (106-103 Win)

What Happened (Brew Hoop Game Recap Excerpt):

Stephen Jackson and Duncan traded a dozen points each in the first quarter, and Jackson never slowed in 42 minutes. In his first game since Jan. 2, Bogut was strong beginning and end, and mostly in between, starting off gaining excellent position on the first play of the game and later throwing down a couple dunks. Brandon Jennings could not stop Parker early and Parker could not stop Jennings late. Rookies were not really rookies as Jon Leuer was all sorts of Jon Leuer, Tobias Harris impressed again, and Kawhi Leonard is a player.

The short is if you came to the Bradley Center, you watched good basketball players do good basketball things.

With the Bucks sitting at 2-6 before the game, there wasn't exactly an atmosphere of optimism...

unklchuk: Not off but down. Still think they should have a pretty respectable team by later in the season. But there are so many holes now. Mystery Bogut. Groiniated Dun. Running on Empty Jackson. Unmentored Jennings. Empty Ersan. And a cast of 9 that can do things but on modest levels. I fear we'll dig an early hole. Don't you?

CanadaBucks: Maybe the Bucks will go on a 58 game winning streak and all of us nay-sayers will look like fools.


One of these comments is facetious in its nature. I'm certain of this.

puremisery: You should get kicked out of the league for a pass like Ilysova just made.

Alex Boeder: Clever pass by Ersan.


Frank makes a cameo from Cali.

Frank Madden: Just tuning in. Hi everybody!!!

Jacob Grinyer: (Children's TV show audience) Hi Frank!

Frank Madden: I'm checking in live from my hotel in Victorville, CA. It is magical here.

Jacob Grinyer: Today, we're going to be learning about...

AussieTom: Just googled Victorville, CA. Wikipedia says there are 175 registered sex offenders located in Victorville, so be careful.


Stephen Jackson stacked up buckets all night long on his way to 34 points, but it didn't prevent our well-conditioned fears of a third quarter collapse.

TwoShoesMcGooze: Guess what time it is???

Jacob Grinyer: Comparing Stephen Jackson to Michael Jordan time? Oh wait, it's almost the 3rd quarter.

Frank Madden: We haven't been outscored during halftime all year. Baby steps.

AussieTom: So we are 2-6 when not being outscored during halftime breaks?


Brandon Jennings posted a season-high 11 assists (his only game with more than 7 so far), and the first theory as to why didn't pass inspection.

Frank Madden: Brandon already a season-high 8 assists. Who is this guy?

Cartyr: Learning by osmosis. Maybe some of Nash rubbed off on Brandon.

Frank Madden: Rubbing implies the Bucks were able to put a hand on him :)

TwoShoesMcGooze: zing!!!


STEPHEN JACKSON SCORED 34 POINTS!! Bucks win, Bucks win.

Superelkman: What? Jax has 32 points?!?!?!

LedZepp007: Jax is Bax! Catch phrase!

the new Bradfather: Nice win. My niece is good luck.

Brick's house: Crazy stat, the Bucks had more assists than rebounds. Shows how good the shooting was tonight for both sides.


Pistons vs Bucks (102-93 Win)

What Happened (Brew Hoop Game Recap Excerpt):

The Bucks led for all but 13 seconds against the Pistons, and this was not a glowing game by Milwaukee, but they improved to 4-0 at the Bradley Center this season, coming off three straight home wins to conclude last season. Indeed, the team has recovered well since allowing a 12-0 run to Derrick Rose and the Bulls to make joyless what was a joyful game late last March.

And so teams entering the Bradley Center (Timberwolves, Wizards, Spurs, Pistons) are a combined 1-16 on the road this season, and they are also 0-4 at the Bradley Center. You can put those clauses in any order, but it is still difficult to figure out what this means for the Bucks moving forward.

The game tipped off at 7:10, and this prediction rolled in at 7:12. I'd say it's a pretty darn good prognostication.

TwoShoesMcGooze: BUCKS WIN 104-90!!!


Jon Leuer displaced Ersan Ilyasova in the process of earning his first NBA start.

Jacob Grinyer: The Pistons are almost as terrible as the Wizards. Almost. The upper deck is even more of a ghost town then usual.

Superelkman: People heard Ersan wasn't starting

Dan Sinclair: Turkish crowd stayed home.


What did Leuer do in his first game as the starting power forward for the Bucks? How does 15 points on 6-9 shooting, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocks in 32 minutes sound? Here's how it looked...

tommyr: Jon freakin Leuer. You go dude.

Jacob Grinyer: Leuer Alcindor. Is he also going to convert to Islam and change his name?

Frank Madden: Kareem Abdul-Jon-Leuer. We have that scenario covered.

LedZepp007: Leuer Leuer Leuer!!!!!!

Steve von Horn: He's a Leuer de Force

Dan Sinclair: I can't believe I couldn't come up with a good Leuer pun. There are so many excellent ones. I am ashamed.


We aren't done with Leuer yet. There were too many good comments on him for a single segment, to be perfectly honest.

LedZepp007: Dude, who else wants a Leuer jersey?

Dan Sinclair: More than anything.

the new Bradfather: I would rock one. You have to love versatile white guys!

VanHammoLJ12: Bucks heat up the wintery night. Leuer is the second coming of Dirk! IM CALLING IT

Frank Madden: That's ridiculous...we all know Leuer is a much better shot-blocker :)

Celtin: You'd think after the NBA Finals we'd learn how to pronounce Dirk Nowitzki's last name by now. I mean, the W is misleading, but...

Steve von Horn: Take one look at Dwyane Wade's name and tell me we've even learned how to pronounce it correctly.

Celtin: Wait...


FSN-Wisconsin's Telly Hughes can't get any love on this night. Being facetiously presumptuous can be its own joke, see?

TwoShoesMcGooze: I really want to like Telly...But I just cannot.

Superelkman: That's incredibly racist.

TwoShoesMcGooze: Actually lol'd


Drew Gooden played 5 minutes. He scored zero points and played some passive defense. That's why he played 5 minutes.

Superelkman: Theres that turnstyle D from Gooden

Big Crazy Dave: Gooden...2PF and -8 diferential in just over 2 min PT...

LedZepp007: Gooden has to go. He is really terrible.

Superelkman: Skiles pulled Gooden and Tobias quickly after bad minutes... give the man some credit

VanHammoLJ12: I love his attitude! Positivity spreads...

Steve von Horn: Positivity spreads sounds like the LLC that's going to push a 5 Hour Energy type imitation butter on us or something.


The Bucks did beat the Pistons, but not without throwing in some dangerous low moments that chipped away at any enthusiasm beyond the consistent affection for Jon Leuer.

Superelkman: Lob City... nah we are Slop City.

Or Jumpshot Municipality.

Big Crazy Dave: When will we reach the Jumpshot City Limits?

Steve von Horn: 21 Jump Street marks the border.

Big Crazy Dave: Haha! Perfect!

TwoShoesMcGooze: That's it guys! Way to get the 3rd Q out of the way in the 2nd Q!

Frank Madden: The Bucks are a team ahead of their time


Ben Wallace is still in the NBA. That is almost funny. We take it the extra step to complete the process.

russelTHEmuscle: Ben Wallace is still in the nba????? Thought he was working for Two Men and a Truck. I think moving would be his Ideal career.

Frank Madden: Ben Wallace doesn't need a truck.

Steve von Horn: Or the other guy.

Superelkman: The company should be called Two Trucks and a Ben Wallace.

Steve von Horn: Ben Wallace's nobody else and no truck moving company.


When the game got a bit dull, we imagined more exciting scenarios.

LedZepp007: I feel like theBucks would do poorly in a brawl

TwoShoesMcGooze: rec'd for hilarious mental image

Frank Madden: We have Jax

Celtin: I dunno...We've established Jon Leuer can basically do anything.

LedZepp007: At least Livingston could detach his leg and use it as a weapon.


Almost anything can be funny if you look at it from the proper perspective.

VanHammoLJ12: Any sweet sites anyone goes to for tix? Besides the obvious.

the new Bradfather: I'm not sure where to get tickets?

Steve von Horn: You sound unsure about being unsure

Dan Sinclair: Haha, I read it the same way


Bucks beat the Pistons! It's a CELEBRATION!

Jacob Grinyer: Confetti? Wut?

Frank Madden: Creating jobs for janitors


Bucks vs Mavs (102-76 Loss)

What Happened (Brew Hoop Game Recap Excerpt):

While the Bucks may have come back from a 20-point deficit in Dallas a year ago, they wouldn't get any closer than nine this time around. Dallas scored 26 in the paint and shot 58% overall in the first half, including 6/12 from deep, and they didn't cool much in the second, finishing at 52% for the night. Dirk Nowitzki cracked the 23,000 point mark in the first half but was barely needed in the end, with his 11 points on seven shots coming in just 22 minutes.

Another good pregame score prediction. This is getting weird...

Jacob Grinyer: 100-82 Dallas is my prediction.


Vince Carter turned back the clock. Not sure why he'd use the Bucks for his time machine experiment, but he did. 16 points on 7-10 shooting with some highlight plays thrown in for good measure.

Brick's house: Looks like Vince Carter stepped into a time machine before tonight's game.

puremisery: Must have had a really good cheezburger before the game or something.

LedZepp007: He is so fat. D Wade's face made it to Carter's body.


Ersan as a werewolf. Discuss.

TwoShoesMcGooze: Ersan looks like he's perpetually 40% transformed into a werewolf.

Frank Madden: Like, a werewolf without the hair?

Steve von Horn: Sometimes he's a Wherewolf. Get it? Ehhh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh?

CanadaBucks: Steve I take back anything nice I ever said about you

Steve von Horn: "...and replace it with even nicer stuff." - CanadaBucks 8:00PM CST Jan 13, 2012

CanadaBucks: Ok, you got my respect back with that one.


There weren't enough speeches in the world.

puremisery: About time for the Johny mcGlock reel em in speech isn't it??

TwoShoesMcGooze: Seriously there is NOOOOO D!!! Where did it go? It is the must frustrating thing ever.


Everyone got into the action for the Mavs, including Ian Mahinmi. Yeah, that's right. Ian Mahinmi.

Steve von Horn: Mahinmi sounds like a fruity drink.

Frank Madden: It definitely would have a parasol in it.

CanadaBucks: Somehow I think "The fruity Iranian" would not be a great nickname.


Screw the Dallas Mavericks TV announcers.

kanyon: Dallas announcers mocking our roster..."cast of household names."

puremisery: I do that every day.

Frank Madden: Because Mahinmi, Cardinal and Roddy Beaubois are global icons



We already know the Scott Skiles halftime speech for the rest of the season!

TwoShoesMcGooze: Skiles' half time speech... "Our offense has been good, our defense has been bad. We need our offense to be good, and our defense to be good. That's what we need to do at the half. We need to turn the ball over less, but move and pass it more. That's what we need to do at the half."

Jacob Grinyer: BREAK

Celtin: Scott, is that you?


International fans stayed up late to watch this disaster...

keiththejourno: Just got home. This looks like a turd sandwich of a performance. True?

Steve von Horn: With a nice Mahinmi to wash it down.

keiththejourno: Ugh...On a brighter note, anyone carrying out Leuerwatch?

Celtin: Haha. Aren't we all? :)


Shaun Livingston has deserved more burn for quite a while. Here are some of the many reasons.

Brick's house: Livingston may not have range, but he does a good job of getting to his spots.

Frank Madden: Yes. I really wonder what he could do if he ever got extended minutes at PG.

Steve von Horn: /hintz from Frank.

LedZepp007: His fall away is going to come in handy later in the season. It's really good.

Dan Sinclair: Seems to get great elevation on his shot. Combine that with his size and he can shoot over most anybody defending him in close.


Bucks got down big. Yi Jianlian made it into the game.

Dan Sinclair: Man, Yi...Sure would've been nice if the Bucks had picked...literally anybody else.

Brick's house: That draft wasn't that great was it, at least after the Bucks drafted. Noah went after Yi...

Dan Sinclair: Can you imagine? Noah and Bogut? Would anybody ever score? ON EITHER TEAM?

Jacob Grinyer: I lol'ed at the last part.

Frank Madden: Yi really embracing his role as novelty act. "They think it's cool when I shoot every time? OK!!"Yeah,

Brick's house: Yi is 24, we are still saying that, huh?

Jacob Grinyer: Give or take a few decades. I'm sure the Chinese Communist party is still laughing over that.


Nobody can disagree with this recap of the game. Nobody.

unklchuk: Bathroom maintenance duties have this week made me aware of something I'd never heard of before: a toilet flapper. I had to buy a replacement. Haven't replaced it yet (that means I stick my arm into the tank water - not the bowl! - to flush). Won't take long to fix it. But I firmly believe one has to treat home repairs with aloof disdain and procrastination - otherwise they get cocky and multiply.

Anywho, tonight was a toilet flapper of a basketball game.