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Andrew Bogut Returned "Home", Expected To Return Soon

According to Melbourne newspaper The Age, Andrew Bogut expects to return to the court soon after abruptly leaving the team Tuesday.

[Bogut's] Australian manager, Bruce Kaider, said Bogut did not want to publicise the "personal problem" but Bogut's teammate, Brandon Jennings, had told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Bogut had returned "home". Kaider would not disclose whether Bogut had returned to Australia or just to Milwaukee.

Kaider assured The Age that the issue was not physical, saying that Bogut is "100 percent".

The Bucks were really kind in giving him time to get this resolved. It was one of those issues that if it's not dealt with could become bigger than needed.

If Bogut returned to Milwaukee, there is a possibility he could join the team in Los Angeles for the final two games of the road trip, at the Clippers and at the Suns. If the issue required Bogut to return to Australia, it would seem more likely he will return when the Bucks are back in Wisconsin.

There is no doubt the Bucks missed Bogut against the Utah Jazz, when the offense was a complete mess and Al Jefferson scored at will in the paint. Hopefully Andrew can get everything sorted out soon and all is well.