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Milwaukee Bucks Media Day 2012

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All the latest news, notes and quotes as the Bucks kick off camp.

Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Media Day is here! is streaming live coverage and we'll be updating this story stream throughout the day. A sample of what you might have missed so far: Drew Gooden, sporting an afro sprouting from his chin, just invented the word "grutal" (brutal + grueling) to describe the compressed 66 game schedule. Good times.

Earlier today the Bucks announced that they had added four players to their camp roster: former Badgers swingman Alando Tucker, journeyman PG Eddie Gill (who played for the Bucks in 08/09), former Celtics combo guard Orien Greene and former Virginia guard Mustapha Farakkhan. In other words: small guys.

The Bucks already have the maximum 15 guaranteed roster spots, so the four additions are essentially just warm bodies--barring an unforeseen move to open up a roster spot, none of them will be on the opening night roster.

More updates to come--in the meantime be sure to check out Tom Ziller's piece over at the SBN mothership on 13 lies you're bound to hear today.