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Bucks 97, Cavs 80: Video, recaps, stats and analysis

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Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis were among six Bucks scoring in double figures as the Bucks cruised past Cleveland in their preseason opener.

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As far as first games go: not too bad at all.

It's far too early to draw any conclusions about what kind of team Scott Skiles has on his hands, but the first 48 minutes showed a Bucks team that aggressively defended on the perimeter, contested plenty of shots around the basket (eight blocks), moved the ball well and held up on the boards (40-38 edge). Good things, even if they come against a so-so Cavaliers squad.

As for player: Brandon Jennings (15 pts/7 ast) and Monta Ellis (15/5) are who we thought they were, Tobias Harris was solid on both ends, and Larry Sanders channeled his boundless energy for the powers of good (10 points/8 rebs). John Henson had his share of dicey moments--defensive awareness, questionable shot selection--but stayed active enough to finish with a respectable line (6 pts/7 rebs). Thankfully, Beno Udrih is also doing just fine after having to leave the game due to a head injury, though his absence provided an extended look at newest Buck Marquis Daniels, who looked just fine filling in at shooting guard on both ends (4/7 fg, 10 pts, 6 rebs).