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2012 Milwaukee Bucks preseason impressions (Podcast)

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Brandon Jennings, Larry Sanders and Samuel Dalembert have looked good during the preseason for the Milwaukee Bucks, while Monta Ellis, John Henson and others have been more of a mixed bag. We give our impressions on the first three games.

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The Brew Hoop Podcast series is back for the 2012 Milwaukee Bucks season, and with three preseason games in the books, Frank Madden and Steve von Horn take stock of the exhibition experience and try to determine what is worth noting and what doesn't mean much heading into the regular season.

Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis haven't quite been on the same wavelength, while Larry Sanders has raised his game along with Tobias Harris, but how much can we take away from this initial glimpse? The conversation starts an introduction to the (new and improved) steady flow on content that will be made available on the site before and after each contest, and from there the preseason action becomes the focal point. Perimeter shooting stats get tossed into the mix, and some questions are raised about how the offense will look when real wins and losses are on the line. Take a listen and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments section!

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