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Brew Hoop fantasy basketball is back!

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The Brew Hoop Fantasy Basketball League has been renewed for the 2012 season! Join up!


The Brew Hoop Fantasy Basketball League is back!

I've renewed the league for the 2012 season but I didn't re-invite any of the past members, since I'm not sure who is still interested or available to participate. So instead, here's the login info for you ravenous fantasy wolves to quickly devour. We're keeping the league deep (last year was 18 teams) so there should be plenty of room for all interested parties. Head over to the sign-up page and enter the info below:

League Name: Brew Hoop Fantasy Basketball
League ID#: 91253
Password: blockparty

Draft Time: Thursday, October 25, 7:00 pm Sunday, October 28, 7:30 Central Standard Time (US)

Settings remain the same as last year (weekly lineups locking at midnight on Sunday, max 3 acquisitions per week, 9 category head-to-head scoring) unless I receive a strongly-worded letter signed by a majority of league members lobbying for a change. Or, you know, we just sort of decide we should do something different.

The draft time can also be changed to accommodate a majority of owners as well. First regular-season game is Tuesday, October 30, so drafting anytime before that will get us the first week of the season.

Obviously we want to reserve the league for regular Brew Hoop readers first, so please allow others the first chance to join if you've stumbled across our little corner of the internet by mistake. But while you're here, can I interest you in some Milwaukee Bucks preseason coverage?

Feel free to email me with any questions. Good luck all!

UPDATE: I fixed it! Looks like the league wouldn't allow people to join until I cleared out the old teams, which has now been done. If you had a team last year, you'll have to create a new one, but everything should work now. I also tentatively moved the draft to next Sunday night (Oct. 28) at 7:30 pm.

Hopefully that clears everything up, let me know if there are still problems.