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Bucks exercise Udoh, Sanders and Harris contract options, Lamb returns to practice

The Bucks exercised contract options on Tobias Harris, Larry Sanders, and Ekpe Udoh, while Doron Lamb returned to practice for the first time since suffering an elbow injury early in training camp.

Mary Langenfeld-US PRESSWIRE | Bucks exercise contract options on Harris, Sanders, Udoh
The Milwaukee Bucks announced today that they exercised their fourth-year contract options on forwards Larry Sanders and Ekpe Udoh and their third-year option on Tobias Harris. Each player's salary is set by the rookie scale contract in line with where they were drafted.

Should Sanders and Udoh still be in Milwaukee next summer, both will be eligible for extensions--similar to the situation facing Brandon Jennings this summer. Each will have the option of inking a new deal or hitting restricted free-agency in 2014.

Racine Journal Times | Jennings not worried about contract situation, Lamb returns to practice -
Gery Woelfel reports that Jennings isn't sweating his current contract status, though that isn't necessarily a sign of confidence. Via the link:

Asked if his contract situation was weighing on his mind, Jennings said, "No, because at the end of the day, everything will work out. All I can do is go between the lines and play basketball every day.’’

Jennings went so far as to say that he couldn’t remember the last time he and his agent, Bill Duffy, had talked specifically about a contract extension.

"I talked to him a couple of weeks ago, but it wasn’t about the contract,’’ Jennings said. "I can’t put my hand on what’s really going on (with contract talks). That’s why I just let my agent handle it.

Throughout his career, Brandon Jennings has been nothing if not competitive, and I don't think many people are seriously worried his contract limbo will be a distraction--he's simply too enthusiastic a player. On their end, the Bucks have tremendous flexibility after this season and they seem happy to play it safe with Jennings for now. There's still a week before the extension deadline, and these deals do have a tendency to come together at the last minute, but for now it sounds like there's not much to report.

Meanwhile, rookie guard Doron Lamb returned to practice for the first time since suffering a torn elbow ligament early in training camp. Lamb's injury was never clearly described, and there was worry for a time that he would need surgery. Now it appears the tear was partial at worst, and Lamb could be available by the time the season opens in Boston next Friday.

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The Bucks have lots of forwards, but not a lot of rebounders. It showed last year: despite Ersan Ilyasova's fantastic per-minute rebounding numbers, the Bucks got crushed on the boards more often than not. The addition of Samuel Dalembert should help tremendously, and it might pay dividends elsewhere. Ian Segovia takes a look at how Ilyasova can turn his rebounds into something even more valuable: points.