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Video: Milwaukee Bucks 2012/13 Season Predictions

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How many wins? Who's the MVP? Frank and Steve offer up their take on this season's Bucks squad.

With the regular season just a week away, the SB Nation hoops universe is taking to the airwaves with team-specific previews by yours truly and the rest of the network. Because why settle for just podcast audio when you can see our beautiful faces, too? OK, don't answer that.

Mr. Steve von Horn and I chatted with SB Nation's Seth Pollack in the short feature above to offer up our opinions on where the Bucks will land in the East, who Milwaukee's MVP and x-factors are, and how Monta Ellis is like a sportscar you find on Craigslist. And not to be missed: Steve's two-year-old daughter Sophie crashes the scene to offer up her opinion on how the Bucks can best use the $2.5 million trade exception they acquired in the Stephen Jackson deal (actually, I think we cut that part).

This is the first time we've used Google's hangout feature to record video but we'll probably be doing these more regularly over the course of the season in addition to our usual podcasts. Let us know what you think and if there are any other topics/key questions you'd like to hear us address next.