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NBA predictions: 2012 Vegas odds makers say Bucks will miss playoffs by 7 games

Will the Milwaukee Bucks miss the Eastern Conference playoffs by seven games? Win total over/under projections have been released by Vegas odds makers for the 2012-13 NBA season, and we've got the full list broken down by conference.

Robert Laberge - Getty Images

Vegas odds makers at SportsBook have set over/under win totals for every NBA team in the 2012-13 season, and the news isn't good for Milwaukee Bucks fans. When John Hollinger of ESPN released his less-than-inspiring projections for Bucks players on Sept. 28 it prompted a "haters gonna hate" type reaction from plenty of fans, but now the savvy experts in Vegas have piled on Milwaukee.

How bad is the news? The over/under win total for the Bucks is set at 36.5 for the upcoming season, which places the team in the No. 9 slot in the Eastern Conference and a whopping seven games out of the playoffs. The good news? If you are still on the "haters gonna hate" thing, there's (potentially) plenty of money to be made!

But in all seriousness, the projection does feel low -- at least relative to the final playoff spot in the East. If it surprised you to see a 36.5 line next to the Bucks, you are not alone.

Here is a look at the complete listing of over/under win totals, broken down by conference (thanks to Evan Z of Golden State of Mind for putting me up on this listing -- be sure to check out his excellent NBA and NFL blog, The City, as well):

2012-13 NBA Western Conference Vegas Over/Under Win Totals

1 Oklahoma City Thunder 60.5
2 Los Angeles Lakers 59.5
3 San Antonio Spurs 55.5
4 Denver Nuggets 49.5
5 Los Angeles Clippers 48.5
6 Memphis Grizzlies 48.5
7 Dallas Mavericks 45.5
8 Utah Jazz 42.5
9 Minnesota Timberwolves 39.5
10 Portland Trail Blazers 35.5
11 Golden State Warriors 34.5
12 Phoenix Suns 34.5
13 Houston Rockets 30.5
14 Sacramento Kings 29.5
15 New Orleans Hornets 25.5

2012-13 NBA Eastern Conference Vegas Over/Under Win Totals




1 Miami Heat 60.5
2 Boston Celtics 51.5
3 Indiana Pacers 51.5
4 Chicago Bulls 47.5
5 Philadelphia 76ers 47.5
6 New York Knicks 45.5
7 Atlanta Hawks 43.5
8 Brooklyn Nets 43.5
9 Milwaukee Bucks 36.5
10 Cleveland Cavaliers 32.5
11 Detroit Pistons 32.5
12 Toronto Raptors 31.5
13 Washington Wizards 31.5
14 Orlando Magic 24.5
15 Charlotte Bobcats 21.5

If you need a bit more information on the East to fully process this hierarchy, I broke down the field over the summer and provided a list of projected lineups for each team in the conference. Here it is again, with my original stratification of playoff teams (green), bubble teams (yellow) and lottery teams (red). Please recall that I was focused on creating tiers, but not the order of teams within the tiers.