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Beno Udrih leaves preseason game with head injury

Beno Udrih suffered a head injury when his head knocked against Larry Sanders' knee. He walked to the locker room on his own power.

Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Less than a quarter into the Bucks' first preseason game and they're already experienced an injury to a key player.

Beno Udrih suffered a head injury as he fell to the floor about midway through the first quarter of the Milwaukee Bucks' opening preseason game against the Cleveland Cavaliers. Udrih fell backwards and knocked the back of his head against teammate Larry Sanders' knee. He stayed on the floor for a few minutes after the impact as he was tended to by the training staff. Thankfully he didn't seem to exhibit any immediate numbness or other major symptoms. Eventually he got to his feet and walked to the locker room without assistance.

The NBA adopted more stringent head-injury/concussion rules last season, requiring players to pass a number of tests before they can be cleared to return to game action. It's too early to say the injury was definitely a concussion, but such an injury could result in Udrih missing a majority of the preseason.

Larry Sanders is fine, by the way.