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Beno Udrih takes hit to head, but test results show no concussion

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Good news for the Bucks' backourt: Charles Gardner reports that Beno Udrih did not suffer a concussion after a taking a knee to the back of the head in Tuesday's preseason game against the Cavaliers in Canton, Ohio. Udrih underwent a CT scan at a local hospital before returning to the arena and flying back to Milwaukee with his teammates. No word yet on whether the injury would impact his availability for Saturday night's game against the Pistons, but presumably it won't be a long-term concern for a Bucks squad already missing combo guard Doron Lamb.

Udrih fell backwards after drawing a charge and clipped Sanders' knee as he hit the deck, immediately slumping in pain before eventually walking off under his own power. Monta Ellis and camp invite Eddie Gill filled in for Udrih for the remainder of the evening as the Bucks cruised to a 97-80 win in their preseason opener.

Losing Udrih for an indefinite period would have been a major blow to a Bucks squad already coping with the loss of Lamb, who tore ligaments in his left elbow just days before camp officially opened. His return has yet to be pinpointed, though no one seems to expect him back before the regular season. And in case you're curious (or feeling paranoid): In the event that Udrih, Ellis or Brandon Jennings went down with an injury, the Bucks would need to clear one of their 15 guaranteed contracts in order to add another player.