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Game Review | Celtics 96, Bucks 92: Stats, video and news

A second win against the Celtics would have been a major statement for the Bucks. But big plays down the stretch from Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Jeff Green nullified a big night from Monta Ellis and dealt the Bucks their second loss of the season.

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In theory, the Bucks weren't that far from claiming a second big victory over the Celtics in the span of eight days. But as has so often been the case over the past four seasons, the Celtics' star power eventually made the Bucks' competitiveness little more than a silver lining to another loss.

With Paul Pierece (25 poins on 18 shots, 9 rebs), Kevin Garnett (18 points on 10 shots) and even Jeff Green (12 points on 8 shots and some big defensive plays in the fourth quarter) firing on all cylinders down the stretch, the Bucks wasted three quarters of good-enough basketball in once again falling to the Celtics at home. Monta Ellis kept up his end of the bargain with 32 points and eight assists, but Brandon Jennings couldn't hit the broad side of a barn (1/11 fg, 4 points, 5 ast, 3 to) despite finding plenty of real estate against Boston's mostly loose P&R defense. Ellis wasn't the only Buck who raised his game, either: Marquis Daniels played well and kept Tobias Harris rooted to the bench for most of the second half, Mr. Consistency Larry Sanders picked up another double-double (10 points, 12 rebs) and Samuel Dalembert pick-and-rolled his way to his best offensive performance of the season (14 points on 6/8 fg).

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