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Podcast: Talking Bucks lineups, Ersan Ilyasova, Brandon Jennings and Drew Gooden

A Milwaukee Bucks podcast that covers the following topics: (1) lineup chemistry, (2) deconstructing the Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis narrative, (3) Ersan Ilyasova and his struggles and (4) role player contributions from Marquis Daniels and Drew Gooden.


If the Milwaukee Bucks can stretch their 5-2 start to the season into a similarly successful stretch of 20 games, NBA writers and analysts will definitely start to take notice. The easy storylines that will likely emerge on the national level -- including: (1) "chemistry" is magically making everyone better and (2) Jennings and Ellis are making it work -- but those narratives aren't appealing to us, so Frank and I have put in work to get ahead of the trend and set the record straight .

We also spend plenty of time analyzing the struggles of Ersan Ilyasova and mounting our arguments for how fans should process the failures of the power forward who received a big deal during the offseason. Do we rip Ersan a new one for posting a 4.46 PER over the first seven games of the season? Do we want to send him to the bench? Take a listen and find out where we stand.

Finally, I ask Frank what I should do with my (imaginary) celebratory doves that I purchased to release on the day Doron Lamb made his first three-point shot as a professional player. Trust me, it makes sense.

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