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Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat (Nov. 21) | Reintroducing LeBron James

The Milwaukee Bucks (6-3) have a tough matchup on Wednesday night, as they are set to take on LeBron James and the Miami Heat at 6:30 CT on FSN WI. Can the Bucks rebound after a disappointing loss to the Bobcats?

Jonathan Daniel

Brandon Jennings and the Milwaukee Bucks (6-3) gave LeBron James and the Miami Heat (8-3) plenty of problems last season -- the Bucks won the season series, 2-1 -- but can they replicate that success this year? In one of the most memorable games last season, LeBron James had a hand in 31 of Miami's first 42 points and he alone outscored the Bucks 24-23 in the first quarter at the Bradley Center on Feb. 1, but Brandon Jennings hit 5-of-7 threes in the second half and helped the Bucks emerge with the 105-97 win.

LeBron has played 33 games against the Bucks in his career, and he holds per-game averages of 29.6 points, 7.3 rebounds and 7.0 assists against Milwaukee. That might seem high, but those marks are right around his career averages (27.6 pts, 7.2 reb, 6.9 ast). In case you didn't already know it, LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet.

Here's a bit from my Heat season preview that helps explain what LeBron has done to get even better over the past few seasons:

Kirk Goldsberry of CourtVision has provided everyone with the opportunity to see LeBron's transformation from the early years to 2012 (via

LeBron James is going to work from the left block until somebody stops him. Here's the thing: nobody can stop him if he works from the left block consistently.

Steve's Song of the Day:

Miami Heat Roster

# Pos.
Ray Allen 34 G
Joel Anthony 50 C
Shane Battier 31 F
Chris Bosh 1 C
Mario Chalmers 15 G
Norris Cole 30 G
Josh Harrellson 55 C
Terrel Harris 14 G
Udonis Haslem 40 C
LeBron James 6 F
James Jones 22 G
Rashard Lewis 9 F
Mike Miller 13 G
Dexter Pittman 45 C
Dwyane Wade 3 G


Next Game

Milwaukee Bucks
@ Miami Heat

Wednesday, Nov 21, 2012, 6:30 PM CST
AmericanAirlines Arena

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