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Game Review | Bucks 105, Cavs 102: Stats, video, and news roundup

Brandon Jennings followed up a dominating Friday night in Boston with a second straight double-double and his first career game-winner against Cleveland on Saturday, pushing the Bucks to 2-0 and helping Jennings secure the Eastern Conference Player of the Week honors.

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It was a busy 48 hours for Brandon Jennings: two wins, two career-high tying assist totals (13) and one very big game-winner vs. the Cavs. That was enough to capture Eastern Conference Player of the Week honors and momentarily push the Bucks to the top of the Central Division.

The crazy part? Jennings might not even have been the Bucks' best player last weekend. Bench stars Mike Dunleavy and Larry Sanders could each make a decent case for that honor as well. We linked to a great video summary of Sanders' night in our recap, and courtesy of DownToBuck you can check out Dunleavy's big night as well.

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