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Video: Larry Sanders' big night in Boston

Another big night from Larry Sanders against the Celtics sealed a 99-94 overtime win, the Bucks' third win in four tries against the Celtics this season

A career high 20 rebounds and almost-career-high 17 points on 8/10 shooting reiterated what we already suspected: Larry Sanders loves playing against the Boston Celtics and his idol Kevin Garnett. In four matchups with the Celtics this season, Sanders averaged 13.8 ppg, 13.8 rpg and 2.3 bpg while shooting 69% from the field. Yeah, that'll work.

My favorite thing about the highlight reel above? Everything is inside. Dunks, layups, tip-ins, and a baby hook for good measure. It's a beautiful thing when Larry Sanders keeps it simple.

Not so beautiful: what Sanders' agent is going to being asking for when he's eligible for a contract extension next summer. But that's a topic for another time...