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Miami Heat vs. Milwaukee Bucks Game Thread (Dec. 29)

The Miami Heat (20-7) are at full strength against the Milwaukee Bucks (15-12) a night after experiencing an embarrassing 109-99 defeat at the hands of the Detroit Pistons (10-22).

Mike Ehrmann

The Miami Heat are in town tonight. They're incredibly good at basketball and getting casual fans to fill courtside seats to get pre-game pictures of Shane Battier shooting three pointers.

The Milwaukee Bucks excel at beating elite teams during the regular season and giving vanilla interviews to national media personalities.

Honestly, you probably don't need any extra literary composition to watch this one.

Miami Heat Roster

# Pos.
Ray Allen 34 G
Joel Anthony 50 C
Shane Battier 31 F
Chris Bosh 1 C
Mario Chalmers 15 G
Norris Cole 30 G
Josh Harrellson 55 C
Terrel Harris 14 G
Udonis Haslem 40 F
LeBron James 6 F
James Jones 22 G
Rashard Lewis 9 F
Mike Miller 13 G
Dexter Pittman 45 C
Dwyane Wade 3 G