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Podcast: Brandon Jennings' Strange Week Dissected From Every Angle

Brew Hoop's Milwaukee Bucks Podcast series is back, and in this episode Frank and Steve talk about Brandon Jennings, Stephen Jackson and the week that everyone wishes they could forget. After playing a disturbingly passive game in a loss to the Phoenix Suns last Tuesday and then missing out on the 2012 NBA All-Star game, Jennings landed in the headlines over at ESPN for telling Chris Broussard he is considering leaving Milwaukee when he gets the chance. If you would like to hear an in-depth, level-headed discussion on these issues, we've got the goods.

Highlights include: (1) a detailed breakdown of all the events listed above in the first 12 minutes, (2) Steve's trio of questions to Frank about what level of involvement Stephen Jackson has in Jennings' recent comments during the 12-minute mark to 21 minutes and (3) basketball strategy talk on how to get Jennings going again in both the open floor and the half court during the 21-minute mark up to the end of the podcast. Enjoy.