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Podcast: Jon Leuer, Tobias Harris, Scott Skiles And The Meaning Of The Minutes Crunch

The Milwaukee Bucks have the makings of a very solid 2011 draft class. First-round pick Tobias Harris (18.21 PER) and second-round pick Jon Leuer (17.73 PER) rank No. 3 and No. 4 among all NBA rookies in John Hollinger's Player Efficiency Rating (PER), but they are averaging just 11.3 and 13.3 minutes per game, respectively. In other words, neither player is getting the floor time that their performance level merits, and now Bucks fans are flashing a more than inquisitive stare in the direction of head coach Scott Skiles.

Frank and Steve identify and explore the reasons why Harris and Leuer have struggled to find their niche in the rotation, but are the answers satisfying in the end? Take a listen to this installment of the Brew Hoop podcast and tell us what you think. (Note: click this link to listen on your smartphone).