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Best Of Bucks Game Comments: Loss at Sixers, Loss at Nuggets, Win at Knicks

Whether you comment regularly during Milwaukee Bucks games or simply stop by to watch the responses roll in, this is our chance to highlight the best of what we see each game and each week. Consider it an organic love letter to our faithful readers and commenters, and an open invitation to all newcomers to join in the fun.

This segment is just a bit behind at the moment, so this is a bigger update than normal. Check out the reactions to losses to the Philadelphia 76ers and Denver Nuggets, as well as a win over the New York Knicks.

Bucks vs Sixers (82-94 Loss)

What Happened (Brew Hoop Game Recap Excerpt):

The Philadelphia 76ers executed their deadly efficient style of basketball over the course of the afternoon, never allowing the Bucks to jump ahead after 10 lead changes early in the first quarter. The bloodletting began with just over four minutes left in the first quarter, when a 16-13 Bucks lead abruptly vanished without a single second coming off the game clock. Stephen Jackson fouled former Bucks' second-round pick Jodie Meeks on a missed three-point attempt with 4:10 remaining in the first, Meeks calmly drained all three free throws and Jackson picked up his fifth technical foul of the season before the Bucks could even inbound the ball, allowing Meeks to hit his fourth consecutive free throw and give the 76ers a 17-16 lead. Jackson responded with a quick right-handed runner in the lane on the next possession, but from there the Bucks never again played from the front.

Once upon a time, the Bucks had a really good player named Andrew Bogut. He briefly toyed with a 15-foot jumpshot to expand his offensive game. On this day (MLK day), he made one of those jumpers.

the new Bradfather: Nice one Boges!

puremisery: He is showing Hawes who his daddy is early on

Frank Madden: Hell of a start for him. Can anyone remember him ever catching in the post, facing up and then stroking a jumper in a guys grill? Crazy.

the new Bradfather: It's his MLK Day specialty!


Give it three weeks.

puremisery: Not a big fan of this lineup: Udrih/Delfino/Livingston/Ilyasova/Gooden

LedZepp007: Agreed


Steve Nash is mad at you, Superelkman.

Superelkman: Fun Stats of the Day: Teams whose best player is white are 37-189 all time on MLK Jr. day. Teams who have 7 or more white players are 1-12 all time on MLK Jr. day

puremisery: Are those for real? That's funny.

Superelkman: Yeah the 37 wins are all from the Mavericks with Dirk...

LedZepp007: It does seem like he's been in the league for 37 years now. Well, we know Jason Kidd has been.


I'd say don't hold your breath for the next Jackson airball, but I'm afraid I wouldn't even be able to spit the sentence out in time to beat S-Jax to the punch.

Frank Madden: There's the Jax airball we'd been waiting on

Honestly, these comments just about cover everything you need to know about this loss.

the new Bradfather: Tough loss, but to be fair, the Sixers are really good. Have a nice afternoon!

puremisery: I might start just skipping all the road games.

ZV: They're unbeaten at home. We're winless on the road. Something nothing had to give.


Bucks vs Nuggets (95-105 Loss)

What Happened (Brew Hoop Game Recap Excerpt):

The Nuggets moved the ball as quickly as they received it, played up-tempo, attractive basketball, without a single star, without key players, and received a balanced night from the starters (four players with 11+ points, none with more than 14 points) and boasted impressive depth off the bench (Andre Miller with 11 assists, Corey Brewers with 22 points, Al Harrington with 16 points, Chris Anderson with defense). In essence, the Nuggets were exactly what we want the Bucks to be.

This exchange starts sadly, but ends up in a great place.

keiththejourno: BC looks distinctly non-packed out.

the new Bradfather: Where's all the rowdy fans who wave the flags of countries where Bucks players come from?

AussieTom: You're thinking of the opening ceremony to the Olympic games

the new Bradfather: No there's a section of the Bradley Center where you have fans waving the Aussie flag and the Cameroonian flag, etc.

AussieTom: Haha, yeah I was merely highlighting the multicultural spread of the Bucks' squad, with Bogut, Luc, Beno, Ersan, etc. I'm not sure if the planet S-Jax comes from has a flag though.


Ersan has been likened to a half-werewolf, half-Frankenstein's monster before. In this version, the reference tilts more towards Frankenstein's monster.

the new Bradfather: Ilyasova!

puremisery: Sign him up for the dunk contest, that would be funny.

palomba: Rec´d! He could try some shots dressed as Frankenstein or something.


Tobias Harris is not fat. He's just big-boned

tommyr: Tobias has good instincts under the hoop. And Beno looks drunk.

palomba: Agree on both

Superelkman: The more I watch Tobias Harris the more I like him... I think he will be a good player in the NBA.

Steve von Horn: He certainly brings things the Bucks otherwise don't have. Including, but not limited to, a desire to attack the basket hard.

puremisery: 20% body fat?


Elephants never forget. They would have a hard time watching the Bucks, I'd bet.

Steve von Horn: Catching up on DVR to be ready for live second half, but I'm getting a vibe and I've seen the box.

keiththejourno: You know the moment when you see something really disgusting and it kind of sticks with you for life? That's this game.

AussieTom: Like the movie Human Centipede?

Steve von Horn: Rate your Bucks viewing experience tonight (1-10 scale)

keiththejourno: 1 = worse than being dry humped by an elephant and 10 = a crisp sandwich. 3. This board has made it slightly more bearable.

the new Bradfather: Having never been dry humped by an elephant, I cannot relate.


If Gardettos means something else in the UK, remind me to just go for Chex Mix or something when in London.

keiththejourno: Crackers and cheese at the half? That's how I roll.

Steve von Horn: GARDETTOS should only come out in a close game or possible win, so cheese and crackers are fine in this case.

keiththejourno: I don't know what 'Gardettos' is but I am going to interpret it to mean 'ladies of the night.'


These two comments are unrelated, but they still make the cut for being funny next to each other in the thread.

kanyon: The 70's ruled. There's actually a team called the "Nuggets"

puremisery: Birdman gets uglier every year.


The Bucks might be preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse, or something. That or they aren't very good compared to their counterparts around the NBA.

keiththejourno: Brandon Jennings just does not get it. He would be perfect for the Wizards. True story.

puremisery: Come on, you try playing with these stiffs.

Steve von Horn: Fun fact, the SB Nation Nuggets blog is named Denver Stiffs.

puremisery: "The Milwaukee Stiffs" has a nice ring to it too...

keiththejourno: So is the Denver coroners office.

puremisery: Delfino just air balled a 4 inch finger roll.. LOL they are worse than stiffs

kanyon: Lobwaukee.

puremisery: Slob-Waukee.


Give it three weeks.

Frank Madden: I think defending at point of attack has been embarrassing of late
Bucks seem to think they can let guys beat them on the perimeter and Bogut/weak side help is going to solve all their problems. Sorry, but that's not how it works. Nuggs just drove-and-kicked them to death tonight.

CanadaBucks: 4-9 and we'll still be in 9th

Steve von Horn: Our cup runneth over.


Bucks vs Knicks (100-86 Win)

What Happened (Brew Hoop Game Recap Excerpt):

282 days.

Coming into Friday night's matchup with the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, that's how long it had been since the Milwaukee Bucks' season-ending win in Oklahoma City last April. Eight road games and eight road losses later, any victory would do for Scott Skiles' beleaguered bunch: pretty or ugly, good opponent or bad, deserved or otherwise. But a double-digit win at the mecca of basketball against a team they're chasing for an Eastern Conference playoff spot? Yeah, that works.

Stephen Jackson received a one-game suspension for missing team shootaround in the morning.

palomba: So far, Jackson has confirmed my initial apprehensions. He talks out of impotence and not of authority. And he talks a lot, by the way, and in situations it would be wise to stay with your mouth closed. Same thing in court: he plays misadjusted to reality. He's not the good player he thinks he is and a good scoring game here and there does not compensate his lack of contribution to team's general playing volume. I believe with its many problems, this team is better without him.

Big Crazy Dave: Maybe Skiles needs to make up the S-Jax rule: more than 4 TO in a game - suspension 1 game, shoot less than .400 - suspension 1 game, take more than 3 3PT shots and not hit one - suspension 1 game, be a selfish, inconsiderate bastard of a teammate - suspension 1 game...phew! He'd never play!

palomba LOL


Amar'e did not get kicked in the nuts by Bogut. Too much class in Bogues for that.

puremisery: Bogut still owes Amare a good push in the back......

Frank Madden: Don't remind us...

CanadaBucks: Kick in the nuts would be better.


Give it three weeks.

tommyr: Good evenin fellas...
by on Jan 20, 2012 7:14 PM CST reply actions

Frank Madden: Don't worry, Drew Gooden is getting heavy minutes tonight. I know you were probably worried, Tom...

Alex Boeder: Team leader in minutes.

tommyr: Nooooooooooooooo.


Give it three wee....ah, who am I kidding, it still hasn't changed a bit.

puremisery: What's up with yanking Leuer in and out, he have fouls or something???

Celtin: I was wondering that too, he only has one foul.


This motion carried with 100% approval.

CanadaBucks: I table a motion to bench Jax for the rest of the season and start Livingston..all those in favour?


Sadly, give it three weeks.

tommyr: Jennings does not lack confidence ...That everyone must agree on.

Frank Madden: Kid's got spunk.


Drew Gooden recorded a 10-point, 11-rebound double-double on 2-9 shooting and with two turnovers and zero assists. It just felt right.

Steve von Horn: Almost everything Drew Gooden does is slightly off key. Sometimes a note higher, sometimes a note lower, but always off key.

Celtin: Drew Gooden=Justin Bieber?

Steve von Horn: With inverse popularity.


Brandon Jennings threw an alley oop to Ersan Ilyasova on a fastbreak. Ersan tried to turn it into an alley oop layup. The ensuing block can still be heard in some corners of the world.

Alex Boeder: What is happening...On that sequence.

Jacob Grinyer: Ersan

Celtin: Ilyasova. Sigh.

puremisery: Isn't his work visa from Turkey up by now???

2-33: Get Sanders in there...Oop(s) City!


Mike Bibby is old and bad. The jokes write themselves. Then again, the jokes double as solid career advice at this point.

Celtin: Lol Bibby

CanadaBucks: Dear Mike, Please retire.


Brandon Jennings had himself a night. Nobody can argue with 36 pts on 15-26 shooting to go with 5 assists. Well, I guess I did write a big story on him that same day, but it didn't matter at all in NYC.

Celtin: Knicks announcers want the Knicks to double Jennings. Yay or Nay?...And then they come out with a double team....Dunkfest, BJ equals career dunk total in garden!!! This is fun!

CanadaBucks: Ladies and Gentlemen, The face of your Milwaukee Bucks.


I'm still mad that Andrew Bogut didn't get more recognition for his stellar defense in the 2010-11 season.

Steve von Horn: Someone needs to take back Tyson Chandler's defensive player of the year votes and give them to Bogut. Take Chuck Hayes' vote too, while they're at it.

Jacob Grinyer: Mike Bibby for DPOY

Alex Boeder: " the Knicks are boo'd off the floor."

Steve von Horn: These fans are right though.

Brick's house: So, Frank's experiment seems to be going quite well. Luc + Dunleavy - Jax = First Road Win.

Jacob Grinyer: Okay guys, when is the collapse going to come? (ducks for cover)

Steve von Horn: When do the Bucks play next? :)

The star treatment for Carmelo Anthony ended when he got himself ejected. Jennings upstaged him on his home floor, and Melo couldn't deal with it. The non sequitur from tommyr's kid is just too good to leave out.

Jacob Grinyer: "I guess Carmelo doesn't commit any fouls, that's amazing to me." --Jon McGlocklin...+1 to you good sir.

tommyr: My 12 year old yelled 'Jimmer, Jimmer'...

Celtin: Knicks announcers just called Brandon Jennings a rookie...

Jacob Grinyer: They must have meant Carmelo

Celtin: Melo is ejected! Thank you.


Bucks win! Bucks win!

Steve von Horn: The Knicks had the deficit under double digits for 15 seconds in the 4th...This was a spanking

Rare Monkey: First road win feels good

AussieTom: Yesssssss! A win is a win is a win.

CanadaBucks: Now to beat team evil on Sunday