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Celtics 102, Bucks 96: Video, Stats, Recaps, Reaction

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As with many games this year, it was a tale of two halves for the Bucks, who played well against Boston for all of 24 minutes. Drew Gooden and Ersan Ilyasova attacked the Celtics from inside and outside, and Brandon Jennings became a pass first player before our very eyes. Yet the Bucks soon fell off the tracks in the 3rd and beyond, and Rajon Rondo took advantage with a triple double to lead the way. The Bucks managed one last gasp as they came within two with less then 30 seconds remaining, but it was soon put to rest by Boston.

Box Scores: Basic / HoopData / Basketball Reference / Popcorn Machine Game Flows

Recaps: Brew Hoop / Bucksketball / Behind the Buck Pass / JS Online / Celtics Blog / Celtics Hub / Boston Globe

Notes: FS: Ilyasova's ascension provides hope for Bucks / BTBP: Midseason Grades: Bench / Starters / Celtics Blog: As Rondo Goes, So Goes The Celtics