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Podcast: Bucks / Warriors Trade Reaction: Monta Ellis In, Andrew Bogut Out, What It All Means Now

When the Milwaukee Bucks acquired Monta Ellis, Ekpe Udoh and Kwame Brown's Expiring Contract from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson, it was a big trade. Big trades deserve big treatment. In the latest Brew Hoop podcast, Steve von Horn and Frank Madden take some time to discuss what the Bucks lost by shipping out Andrew Bogut, what will be gained by adding Monta Ellis.

Can the Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis backcourt pairing thrive? Can Bogut succeed in the next stage of his career? There are more than enough fascinating angles in this transaction to discuss, and we try to hit on all of them. A mix of excitement and trepidation infiltrate this podcast episode, so take a listen and tell us what you think in the comments. You can either click on the flash player below, or Download this episode (right click and save). For a description of the content just click past the jump.

In the first 15 minutes, Steve and Frank admit their initial reactions upon hearing the blockbuster deal. The Stephen Curry trade rumors played a role in the discussion, but most of the conversation titled towards Bogut. His defensive talent will be missed, but injury concerns make the issue a complicated one. Andrew Bogut's value going forward has a lot to do with his health, but did the Bucks make the right decision by moving their franchise big man?

The next 15 minutes is dedicated to Monta Ellis and how he will fit in with the Bucks. The classy letter he sent to Milwaukee fans on Friday shows he will be an asset to the organization off the court, but what his value on the hardwood? Head coach Scott Skiles has willingly pushed the pace of the offense since Andrew Bogut went down, so from that perspective Monta will fit in well. The biggest question centers around whether Jennings and Ellis can compliment each other and create some mutually beneficial offensive structure. Everyone should be excited to see how it all works out. Speaking of how it works out, what does this move say about the Bucks' feelings towards Jennings in the long-term? Give a listen and find out.

Here is the full podcast player if you'd like to check out previous episodes: