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Bucks 112, Bobcats 92: Video, Stats, Recaps, Reaction

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After having their winning streak rudely interrupted by the Boston Celtics, the Bucks went into Charlotte and continued on their merry way. Though the game was close after one, the Bucks would get to work quickly in the second, taking a 12 point lead into halftime. Gerald Henderson did not make things easy for the Bucks, scoring 16 points in the first half on the way to 29 points, 3 short of his career high of 32. Luckily, another balanced scoring night helped the Bucks come through, with Luc Richard Mbah Moute (8-12, 20 points) having a game reminiscent of his play against Golden State. Mike Dunleavy (15 points, 6-7 FG) continued to provide a great lift in general off the bench with shooting and passing. In the end, the Bucks netted themselves another 30 point assist night. It was against another sub-par team, but the Bucks routed them as they should.

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Notes: JS: Fog delays Bucks' arrival ; Indiana Next / FS: Bucks' playoff prospects greatly aided Friday / FS: Bucks, Pacers battle for first time this season