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Knicks 89, Bucks 80: Video, Stats, Recaps, Reaction

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With Amare Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin sidelined for Monday's contest, the Bucks should have had an easy time with the Knicks, right? Not so. Carmelo Anthony and the Knicks got to work early, and if not for the saving grace of Mike Dunleavy with his 14 first quarter points, the Bucks likely would have been buried early. No, the burying would come later on in the second half where the Knicks would feast at the free throw line and the game became flat out ugly. The Bucks' starting backcourt went a combined 8 of 36, and for the starting five as a whole, a gut wrenching 12-53. Carmelo Anthony pumped out 28 points on 8-20 shooting for the Knicks, and Tyson Chandler pulled down 5 offensive rebounds out of 9 total boards. Mike Dunleavy finished 26 points, probably being the only thing that made the game watchable. The game was another setback for a Bucks team with it's sights set on the playoffs.

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