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Brew Hoop Open Forum Night #2: Talk Bucks, Knicks, Celtics, Life And Anything Else On Your Mind

The Milwaukee Bucks are coming off an important win over the Atlanta Hawks and are idle on Wednesday and Thursday before their Friday game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, but Bucks fans don't have to take a day off. The playoff picture in the Eastern Conference is jumbled at the bottom, so it's acceptable to scoreboard watch at this point in the season. The eighth-seeded New York Knicks take on the Orlando Magic tonight, and the No. 7 Boston Celtics face the Utah Jazz, so there is plenty to talk about.

Brew Hoop open thread nights are designed to be a free-flowing and open-ended conversation where people can discuss the Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA at-large, sports, movies, TV, life or anything else on their mind in real-time with others readers. Small market fans gotta stick together, right? Join in and speak your mind as the thread should peak between 8 p.m and 10 p.m. Central Standard Time.

Absolutely anyone is welcome to join, and all we ask is that you adhere to our normal standards of courtesy conversation, meaning verbal abuse and personal attacks are prohibited. Feel free to argue and debate, just keep it civil. There have been no efforts to nail down a name for this feature, so if you would like to put forth suggestions below, go for it. Enjoy!

Eastern Conference Playoff Standings
W L PCT GB CONF Hollinger Odds Wednesday Night Game
1 x - Chicago Bulls 40 11 0.784 - 29-7 100.0% at ATL
2 Miami Heat 35 13 0.729 3.5 27-7 100.0% Idle
3 Orlando Magic 32 18 0.640 7.5 25-12 100.0% at NYK
4 Philadelphia 76ers 28 22 0.560 11.5 21-11 99.2% Idle
5 Indiana Pacers 29 19 0.596 9.5 19-15 99.7% at NJN
6 Atlanta Hawks 30 21 0.588 10 23-12 99.7% vs. CHI
7 Boston Celtics 27 22 0.551 12 22-12 84.2% vs. UTA
8 New York Knicks 25 25 0.500 14.5 18-15 70.6% vs. ORL

9 Milwaukee Bucks 23 27 0.460 16.5 17-18 46.5% Idle
10 Cleveland Cavaliers 17 30 0.362 21 9-23 0.0% vs. DET


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