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Brew Hoop Night 4/21 vs. Nets: We Will Fight To The Bitter End

OK, so it might not be a great time to be a Bucks fan, but we are not deterred: Alex, Steve, and I will be at the BC cheering / commiserating / plotting a fool-proof path to championship glory on Saturday night at the BC, kicking off with a meet-up at Major Goolsby's starting around 5:30 or so. If you haven't bought tickets to join us yet, details are below--note that extra tickets in our section will be released for general sale on Friday, so get on it! And if you already have tickets then we still hope to see you before the game.

Game: April 21 vs. Nets, 7:30 pm

Tickets: $39, section 226.

How to get them: Call Nick Monroe with the Bucks at 414-227-0843. Nick will take your order and can then email you your tickets or leave them at will-call.

What else is going on: We'll plan to meet up around 5:30 across from the BC at Major Goolsby's for drinks, apps and discussion of the Bucks and other things that are not the Bucks. We're still working on post-game plans. Shoot us an email ( or comment below if you want to meet up and we'll be sure to keep you in the loop.