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Brew Hoop Late Lottery NBA Draft Theater: Songs And Links Vol. 1

Welcome to Volume 1 of Brew Hoop Late Lottery NBA Draft Theater.
Welcome to Volume 1 of Brew Hoop Late Lottery NBA Draft Theater.

Welcome to the NBA offseason, Milwaukee Bucks fans. It's almost too easy to engage in over-analysis of the NBA Draft. People who have never seen the full compliment of 2012 NBA Draft prospect play for an extended period of time (read: everyone except Draft Express, myself included) will not hesitate to project and pontificate on picks and players with aplomb. It can be....exhausting.

In the spirit of content diversification, Mitchell Maurer and I are prepared to take a left turn from the late-lottery each week and bring you our nominated songs and story links. You will have the opportunity to vote on your favorites, and we will develop bragging rights along the way. This is decidedly a non-Bucks series of offseason posts. The story links can be about anything, and the songs will introduce you to artists and songs we believe you haven't heard before. It's simple, really: we present you with fun stories and new songs, and you tell us who did the better job.

If you want more coverage on the NBA Draft Lottery (May 30), Early Entry Entrant Withdrawal Deadline (4 p.m. CT, June 18), 2012 NBA Draft (June 28), 2012 NBA Free Agency (July 11), and NBA Summer League (July 13-22), we will certainly have you covered from a Bucks perspective and beyond. Don't worry. In the meantime, this is just a nice way to break up the monotonous regurgitation of Draft Express profiles and ESPN Mock Draft snippets you will see from around the web.

Volume 1 is beyond the jump.

BONUS MATERIAL: The two-part interview between Stephen Colbert and Maurice Sendak, entitled "Grim Colberty Tales with Maurice Sendak" is the last interview Sendak did before he passed away earlier this month. It's very much worth your time:

Here's Part 2:

Steve's Story Link: Bertrand Russell's 10 Commandments of Teaching

British philosopher, mathematician, and winner of the 1950 Nobel Prize in Literature, Bertrand Russell, wrote about many topics throughout his life -- including, but not limited to, metaphysics, the logic and the philosophy of mathematics, and epistemology -- but I think his 10 Commandments of Teaching from a 1951 article in The New York Times Magazine (reproduced via is well worth checking out. Rule 1? "Do Not Feel Absolutely Certain Of Anything." Check out his other nine rules and let me know what you think in the comments.

Mitchell's Story Link: A Special Graduation Message To the Class of 2012 (NSFW)

Drew Magary is not a scientist, or a scholar, or an esteemed philanthropist. He is a husband and father who lives in Maryland, enjoys sports, has lingering body issues, tried several careers that didn't work out, and is relatively funny. He is the Everyman. If you haven't read his stuff before, I encourage you to do so, because he goes into things that we all deal with on some level but are sometimes too nervous, naive, or arrogant to recognize. He's like a text-only version of Louis C.K.

Annually since 2008, he writes a special address to the year's graduates, which serves as the polar opposite of any commencement speech you'll ever hear on a college campus. A sampling from 2008:

"You think you're gonna make a difference? You got some nerve, a--hole. You're just part of another class going through the same routine as the class before you. You're no different."

Inspiring, no? It certainly made me ready to remake the world when I graduated. But there is a lesson here that Magary glosses over, and it's one that people need to learn sooner rather than later: Too many people are going to college.

It's true! For decades now, college has been the be-all and end-all of anyone born in the USA. Go get a degree! Find your calling! Change the world. (That will be $45,000.) The last part is what we're dealing with now: too many graduates with too much debt and not enough jobs to go around.

I'm not opposed to giving everyone a shot at doing what they want. Shoot, I am a pristine example of the kid raised with the expectation of going to college whether or not it was the right option for them. But we're on top of a bubble that is just waiting to burst, like the housing market a few years ago. WHO ELSE IS EXCITED?

Steve's Song:

Mitchell's Song:

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