Canada Bucks Mock Draft-Final(maybe) Edition-Revision 1

This will be my third and final Mock draft barring any trades or incidents that affect a player's ranking. There is no doubt that Andre Drummond is the wild card in the early stages, he could go as low as 2 or possibly drop out of the top 5 altogether. It was discussed a bit in another thread about the Bucks moving up to get him, I would be absolutely for that, he could be a really good NBA centre on both ends of the court.

As always feel free to agree or disagree in the usual manner it is my opinion only and based on my limited exposure to NCAA hoops.

My picks after the jump.

Edited as I left out Barnes initially, Henson falls out of the lottery

Edited on June 9th to reflect so rumours and changes in my opinion. Not sure who "promised" Waiters but I went with the Suns. Props to BPF for seeing Beal's fall, measurements might kill him

1. New Orleans-Anthony Davis Really good story here and I am glad they god the pick as I thought they were one of the few bottom feeders that gave full effort all season

2. Charlotte-Michael Kidd-Gilchrist Charlotte could use help pretty much anywhere and I feel they'll be fighting for a low lottery pick again next season. I'd take the "glue guy" to be the cornerstone of the franchise

3. Washington-Thomas Robinson Other option would be Beal here but i think Robinson is a better fit for the Wiz

4. Cleveland-Harrison Barnes-Makes sense on a lot of fronts, friend of your star player and a good fit with what you already have

5. Sacramento-Andre Drummond I truly feel(along with Ziller)that Harrison Barnes would have been a really good pick here but Cousins/Drummond? Gotta take Andre

6. Portland-Damian Lillard The combine helped him out so as long as his workouts go fine the Blazers take him

7. Golden State-Jared Sullinger Front court depth needed here

8. Toronto-Bradley Beal BC won't let him fall any further

9. Detroit-Myers Leonard-Seven foot one wins out here but Henson fits with Monroe too

10. New Orleans-Perry Jones Someone is going to take a flyer on him

11. Portland-John Henson having got their PG they'll take whichever one Detroit passes on

12. Milwaukee Bucks-Terrence Jones Wow, all my guys still on the board, how did that happen

13. Phoenix Suns-Dion Waiters I don't know who else it could be if the rumours are true

14. Houston Rockets-Jeremy Lamb-They need an upgrade at two-guard, they'll hope Zeller is still there at 16.

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