FTD's Mock Draft

This is my first FanPost and I'm going to get straight into it.

1. New Orleans Hornets select Anthony Davis: N.O. needs help at every position and they'll get the best possible PF upgrade they could ask for in Davis. This may help convince Eric Gordon to negotiate with N.O.

2. Charlotte Bobcats select Harrison Barnes: Barnes was debatably the top pick coming into the season, but lost stock by showing minimal improvements as the season progressed. Expect Jordan to make a pick that combines leadership skills, proven basketball skill and ability, and little risk. Barnes represents that safe pick with ideal size, shooting ability, defensive ability, and leadership but still having high upside.

3. Washington Wizards select Michael Kidd-Gilchrist: Washington's roster is a hodge podge of young players, underdeveloped personalities. MKG brings exactly what the Washington Wizards need, leadership and tenacity. His offensive game can thrive with John Wall as they both excel on fast break.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers select Andre Drummond: Andre Drummond and Tristan Thompson for a very high potential frontcourt in a league where size matters. Cleveland is a great fit for Drummond as the fans are passionate and the team has great young developing talent where Drummond can feel like he's part of the movement.

5. Sacramento Kings select Thomas Robinson: Robinson brings skill, non-stop motor, and maturity to a team that needs all of the above. Robinson is NBA ready and the Kings should be tired of waiting for guys to develop. Cousins and Robinson won't block many shots, but they will force you be play strong in the paint.

6. Portland Trail Blazers select Bradley Beal: While I think it's best for Portland to trade their picks, Beal will fit nicely in Portland. LaMarcus Aldridge will surely want to win-now, Beal is one of the few players left that has a developed frame and developed skill set that can contribute right away.

7. Golden State Warriors select John Henson: Golden State won't be happy with the way the picks have gone to this point, ideally GS would take their SF of the future. GS knows their starter next year at the other 4 positions. John Henson fills the hole left by former Warrior Ekpe Udoh. Bogut provides the only true defensive presence in the GS frontcourt, so whether its for a Bogut breather or a Bogut migraine, Henson is Bogut insurance with some upside.

8. Toronto Raptors select Kendall Marshall: The Raptors need to address their future at the PG position. They doubtfully retain Bayless and Calderone has at most 1 more year in Toronto.

9. Detroit Pistons select Perry Jones III: Lots of changes need to occur in Detroit, but in this draft they need to get more athletic in their frontcourt. Perry Jones is exactly that.

10. New Orleans Hornets select Damian Lillard: N.O. will take the best PG prospect left. Lillard has nice size for a PG prospect and the array of scoring tools N.O. will need to complement their extremely defensive frontcourt Okafor and Davis.

11. Portland Trail Blazers select Tyler Zeller: Portland would love to land a PG here, but won't stretch for Teague here. Portland again opts for a player who is considered ready to contribute right away. Zeller's mobility will complement Aldridge in Portland's frontcourt.

12. Milwaukee Bucks select Austin Rivers: The Bucks try to balance potential with need at this pick. Rivers, Lamb, Ross, Waiters, Leonard will all be considered, however Rivers is the one guy with the potential to take over a game. He's also the guy who will call for the ball to take the last shot, something the Bucks have lacked in recent years.

13. Phoenix Suns select Jeremy Lamb: The Suns opt to take a Lamb to fill their hole at the SG position. The only position the Suns arguably dont' need help at is PF, Lamb and Sullinger are simply the BPA here.

14. Houston Rockets select Meyers Leonard: Houston jumps on the best true C available. McHale understands the importance of size and will draft some here.

This is the way its going to happen guys....sorry to spoil the anticipation. Let me know what you think of what happened.

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