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Brew Hoop Draft Board - Pick #7 - You Guys Are Making This Difficult

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Aaaaaaaaand heeeeeeereeeee they come dowwwwwwwwwnnnn the stretch! And it'''s too close to call!

Yeah, the poll for #7 on the Brew Hoop draft board is just a mess. Jared Sullinger is the winner in the purest sense, but he beat Terrence Jones and Jeremy Lamb by just one and three votes, respectively. It's a testament to either this draft's depth or muddled rankings that 167 votes weren't enough to make a clear selection at only the seventh pick.

So we're gonna try again with some additional choices. I've added in a few of the recent risers, but keep in mind that you can always use the "OTHER" option and write-in the guy of your choice in the comments. I'll count it, I promise. Unless it's Draymond Green. Then I'll ignore it.

Keep in mind, though, that if the results are significantly different, I'm gonna know you guys are either messing with me or just a bunch of flip-floppers. AND I DON'T KNOW WHICH IS WORSE.

Update: I'm calling this one for Jared Sullinger. He won the first poll and is currently tied for the lead in this one. Disagree? MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE VOTED HARDER.