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2012 NBA Draft: Brew Hoop Draft Board - Pick #8

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After much careful and officially-mandated poll manipulation, Ohio State forward Jared Sullinger has been awarded the #7 spot on the Brew Hoop draft board. Sullinger doesn't boast the hyper-athleticism or superior size of most top prospects, but his college production was excellent. He was the best player on a very good team in a very competitive conference. He reached the Sweet 16 and Final 4 in his freshman and sophomore seasons respectively. Sullinger slimmed down after his first year in college, and while his production didn't overtly improve (it remained very strong, though), his current physique has NBA teams much more excited than the bulky kid who first suited up for the Buckeyes. Sullinger's combine measurement also reassured many scouts he can adequately bang with NBA bigs, though he'll likely be doing it below the rim. There are always concerns about "stylistically"-limited players like Sullinger, but his college production and NBA-ready game should keep his draft stock high.

1. Anthony Davis - PF, Kentucky
2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - SF, Kentucky
3. Thomas Robinson - PF, Kansas
4. Bradley Beal - SG, Florida
5. Andre Drummond - C, Connecticut
6. Harrison Barnes - SF, North Carolina
7. Jared Sullinger - F/C, Ohio State

Pick the player YOU would like the Bucks to select, assuming they were drafting at each position - this ain't no mock draft. That means you should take into account need, potential, or (trade) value, and consider which other players are still available.

Poll closes when the Thunder storm back from their inevitable early deficit in Game 3.