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Highlights: What Are They and Where Can I Get More?

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If you ask ten different people how to define a "highlight", you'll likely get ten different answers. It could be a pivotal moment that swung the momentum of a game. Or it could be a feat of athleticism so astounding that neither man nor machine could ever hope to replicate it. Another perspective is a successful conversion made under the most unlikely of circumstances. The classic last-second buzzer-beater is a favorite, regardless of the sport. So is the series of frantic plays that somehow create a chance at victory out of thin air. The underdog beating the juggernaut is always good viewing. Even a mundane, run of the mill play during the a boring contest becomes noteworthy when it results in an exceptional player vaulting his way up the rankings in his sport's history.

I prefer to think of it as all of these things, and none of them, at the same time. A highlight is impossible to define but, to quote Associate Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart (thanks, Wikipedia!), "I know it when I see it."

So let's look at some examples and find out what a highlight really is.


NBA players are better athletes than 99.999% of the entire history of our species. But even they can [RUN LAMEPUN.EXE] rise above the competition [END LAMEPUN.EXE] sometimes, and then we all win. One that sticks out amongst the rest comes from Gerald Green, who may have been better known for blowing/spitting out a cupcake during the 2007 Slam Dunk contest. At least until he did this.

(via NBA)


The Lucky Shot

Or as I call it, the "Dwyane Wade Special." Nobody has made as many B.S. shots in the NBA's recent history than this man.

(via MrHoopitUp)

The Nick of Time, Just In

Taking the win at the last possible second happens infrequently, but there's no way to reproduce the excitement these plays provide. It'd be hard to argue with a rule making all games required to end at the final horn, at least it would be harder than enforcing it. Out of all the examples of this, though, I'll choose a personal favorite: Mo Williams' game-winner against Indiana back in 2005, which was my first Bucks game ever. Just to give you the proper reference, this was so long ago that a) I was able to heckle both Metta World Peace Ron Artest and Jermaine O'Neal at the same time, and b) I made a post on MySpace about my experience. MySpace.

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The Unlikely Comeback

An eight-point lead with 40 seconds to go should be safe, right? Right?

(via colinsick858)

I honestly believe we will never see anything like this ever again. Tracy McGrady may be washed up, but man oh man could he play.

The David-over-Goliath

Everyone loves an underdog. And nobody here would object to footage of Brandon Jennings leading our Milwaukee Bucks taking down the newly-crowned champion Miami Heat, would they?

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These are just some of my favorite highlights. Which ones are yours?