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2012 NBA Draft: Terrence Ross And Jeremy Lamb Visit Milwaukee...And Everything Is Still Up For Grabs

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Playing at altitude has never bothered Terrence Ross.
Playing at altitude has never bothered Terrence Ross.

Less than 48 hours until the NBA Draft, and it's still anyone's guess as to which direction the Bucks will be going on Thursday.

While much of the conversation to date has revolved around big men Tyler Zeller, Meyers Leonard and John Henson, it's the guards who are finally stealing some of the spotlight in the final days before the draft. On Tuesday the Bucks finally got two of their top potential wing targets into the Cousins Center, with Washington sophomore Terrence Ross (6'7" in shoes, 6'7.25" wingspan, DX #16) leading a four-man workout while Connecticut sophomore Jeremy Lamb (6'5", 6'11", DX #22) settled for breakfast and a visit to the team's training facility after re-aggravating an ankle injury over the weekend (See Jim Paschke's video coverage for more).

Both players said all the right things about the prospect of playing for the Bucks, and Jeff Weltman was on hand to confirm the Bucks' interest in both as potential lottery picks. On Ross:

"I think he's going to be a better NBA shooter as his body matures and he gets used to the range and the distance. He's got a really mechanically sound jump shot and he elevates.

"He's got NBA written all over him as far as his size, his athletic ability. It's very rare you get a guy who is a good shooter and can generate his own shot. He's a guy who can get if off the dribble and get it in the mid-range, get it out on the floor and still have the same mechanics."

With good size, athleticism and perimeter shooting ability, both players look more than capable of developing into quality pros, but it's also worth being realistic about what kind of impact they might have at the next level. In that regard it's probably fitting that the soft-spoken Ross has compared his on-court abilities to those of J.R. Smith and Nick Young, solid NBA players who have struggled to hold down starting jobs in the NBA.

While much had been made in the past few weeks about the Bucks' struggles to bring certain players in for workouts--Austin Rivers and Jared Sulllinger most notably--the final tally on the team's workout season turned out rather well. Using DX's current mock draft, the Bucks have worked out a total of 12 players projected to go in the first round; in the four previous years they've never worked out more than 10 players who eventually went in the first round:

2012 (12): Jeremy Lamb (10), John Henson (11), Tyler Zeller (12), Terrence Ross (13), Meyers Leonard (14), Perry Jones (15), Terrence Jones (17), Arnett Moultrie (20), Fab Melo (22), Quincy Miller (23), Evan Fournier (25), Will Barton (29)

2011 (9): Tristan Thompson (4), Klay Thompson (11), Alec Burks (12), Markieff Morris (13), Marcus Morris (14), Chris Singleton (18), Tobias Harris (19), Marshon Brooks (25), Jordan Hamilton (26)

2010 (10): Gordon Hayward (9), Paul George (10), Xavier Henry (12), Larry Sanders (15), Luke Babbitt (16), Damion James (24), Dominique Jones (25), Quincy Pondexter (26), Jordan Crawford (27), Lazar Hayward (30)

2009 (9): Jonny Flynn (6), Jordan Hill (8), Brandon Jennings (10), Jrue Holiday (17), Ty Lawson (18), Jeff Teague (19), Eric Maynor (20), B.J. Mullens (24), DeMarre Carroll (27)

2008 (3): Joe Alexander (8), Anthony Randolph (14), Donte Greene (28)

Odds & Ends

  • Alex Kennedy of Hoops World tweets that the Bucks are looking to move into the top ten to acquire Henson, whom many now expect to land in Detroit (#9). Gery Woelfel suggested something similar yesterday, though the Henson lovefest over the past week could also be something of a smokescreen. Henson's game-changing defensive abilities and off-court polish have understandable appeals, but I'm still struggling to reconcile those positives with how similar he is (in both good and bad ways) to Ekpe Udoh and Larry Sanders. Let's not keep all three, OK?
  • Gery Woelfel writes that it "isn't out of the realm of possibilities" that the Bucks could select Syracuse center Fab Melo if both Meyers Leonard and Tyler Zeller are off the board at 12. Let me just say this: I am not enthusiastic about this possibility.
  • Over at Bucksketball, you can count Jeremy in as a fan of Lamb and Ross.
  • Ryan Kartje has more on the Ross/Lamb visit at FS Wisconsin.
  • In ESPN's mock draft featuring current players representing their teams, Brandon Jennings sounds excited about Jeremy Lamb. Also worth noting: Jennings picked Tiny Gallon 15th overall in the same mock draft two years ago. OK!
  • Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix ranks Ersan Ilyasova #8 on his list of top free agents.