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Bucks / Rockets Trade Reaction And NBA Draft Analysis Podcast

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The Bucks hope Dalembert does a lot of this next season.
The Bucks hope Dalembert does a lot of this next season.

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Houston Rockets traded players and draft picks on the eve of the 2012 NBA Draft, and there are plenty of angles from which to break down the deal. The Bucks acquired the No. 14 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, Samuel Dalembert, a future second-round pick and cash considerations, which addressed their need for a defensive anchor at the center position and freed up roster spots while moving the team down just two spots in the draft. As for the Rockets, they landed the No. 12 pick, Jon Brockman, Jon Leuer and Shaun Livingston, but the rumors are swirling that general manager Daryl Morey is gather assets for a run at Dwight Howard or a high-upside prospect like Andre Drummond.

Was this trade a good move for GM John Hammond and the Bucks? Does it affect the team's draft strategy? Steve von Horn and Frank Madden address the details of the trade and analyze all aspects of the transaction in podcast form to get you ready for the NBA Draft on Thursday night. To catch our comprehensive reaction to the trade, you can listen or subscribe on iTunes, download this episode (right click and save) on your smartphone or just hit the flash player below:

In the first 10 minutes we recap the deal and discuss the basic roster and cap ramifications. In the next 10 minutes, the conversation then evolves into analysis of how the frontcourt situation will change with Dalembert in the mix, ranging from some advanced statistical analysis to speculation on changes to Drew Gooden's role and Ersan Ilyasova's potential fit in Milwaukee. In the final 20 minutes it's NBA Draft talk. Does thinking about the trade from the Rockets' perspective (by sizing up the Phoenix Suns at No. 13) help reveal the landscape of prospects that will be available to the Bucks at No. 14 overall? Meanwhile, Perry Jones III gets the business from Steve, who won't be lured in by his potential.

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