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2012 NBA Draft Results: Bucks Pick John Henson And Doron Lamb, We React Via Podcast

I think David Stern is the one on the left... (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
I think David Stern is the one on the left... (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Milwaukee Bucks may not have made the biggest splash in the 2012 NBA Draft (Dion Waiters to the Cavaliers at No. 4 anyone?), but they came away with two highly-rated prospects on the Draft Express Top-100. In fact, by nabbing North Carolina Tar Heels forward John Henson at No. 14 and Kentucky Wildcats shooting guard Doron Lamb with the No. 42 pick, the Bucks found value in each selection -- at least according to the Top-100 lists on ESPN and DX.

Henson ranked No. 11 on DX and No. 9 on ESPN, while Lamb clocked in at No. 31 on ESPN but landed intriguingly high on the DX big board. What if I told you Doron Lamb (No. 21 on DX) graded out as a better NBA prospect than Jeremy Lamb (No. 22) according to Draft Express? It's true, and that certainly can't be a bad thing. The obvious follow-up question on the surprising ranking reversal is "why?" Here is what DX's Director of Operations, Matt Kamalsky, had to say about Doron Lamb in their situational statistics post for top guards in the 2012 NBA Draft class:

Doron Lamb's excellent roleplaying potential is just as clear on paper as it was during the NCAA postseason. 3rd in scoring efficiency at 1.129 PPP, Lamb ranked 2nd in scoring efficiency on the pick and roll, in spot-up situations, and shot 46.5% in catch and shoot situations (3rd). With more than half (52.7%) of his shots coming off the catch from the perimeter, Lamb ranks next to last in pick and roll usage (7.6% of possessions) and saw the fewest shots at the rim per-game in this group (1.2 per game), but his ability to spread the floor could help him see the floor early in his NBA career.

As for what happened with Jeremy Lamb, I covered his drop on DX along with the curious case of Perry Jones III (who busted through the basement during his fall on Thursday night).

So what do we think about the Milwaukee Bucks' 2012 draft class? Taking a top-10 player is never a bad thing, but will Henson's similarities with incumbent lanky shot blocker Larry Sanders cause problems in a crowded PF competition with Ekpe Udoh, Luc Mbah a Moute and (gulp) Drew Gooden? Recall my blind scouting report comparison between Henson, Sanders and Hassan Whiteside to get an idea of the overlap in skills. Alternatively, is Samuel Dalembert the perfect veteran presence to help Sanders and Henson make the most of their length and shot-blocking ability in the NBA (our Dalembert / Rockets trade reaction podcast is available here)? Jeremy Lamb doesn't feel like a prospect that could truly burn the Bucks by becoming a multiple all-star guy, so the wait-and-see approach with Henson seems best.

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Frank has a slight case of the popping P's early in the podcast [Should I see a doctor? - Frank], but it quickly fades so stick with this version as we break down the immediate implications of the draft. You can listen or subscribe on iTunes, download this episode (right click and save) on your smartphone or just hit the flash player below: