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2012 NBA Draft: Brew Hoop Draft Board - Pick #5

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Brew Hoop's readers have made their selection at #4: Bradley Beal. A 6'4" guard out of Florida, Beal did not fully live up to his rave reviews coming out of high school, showing inconsistencies in several different facets of his game during an otherwise solid freshman season at Florida. Nevertheless, Beal has shown himself to have a wide skill set and a reputation for being a good decision maker while on the floor. Beal might not make the huge leap to stardom in the pros, but with his reported determination to get better, fluid shooting stroke and sound skillset, he is generally considered to be a safe pick at this point in the draft.

1. Anthony Davis - PF, Kentucky
2. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist - SF, Kentucky
3. Thomas Robinson - PF, Kansas
4. Bradley Beal - SG, Florida

Pick the player YOU would like the Bucks to select, assuming they were drafting at each position - this ain't no mock draft. That means you should take into account need, potential, or (trade) value, and consider which other players are still available.

Poll closes after about a day.