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Milwaukee Bucks Re-Sign Ersan Ilyasova, We React Via Podcast (Part 1)

I assume Ersan Ilyasova is preparing to finish an emphatic, two-handed slam on this play.
I assume Ersan Ilyasova is preparing to finish an emphatic, two-handed slam on this play.

The Milwaukee Bucks officially re-signed Ersan Ilyasova to a long-term contract on Thursday afternoon, and although the team did not disclose the terms of the deal everyone is working under the assumption that it is a five-year contract worth $45 million that contains a team option in the fifth and final year.

There is always plenty to digest after a signing of this magnitude, so Steve, Dan and Frank joined forces to cover the various implications of the deal in the latest edition of the Brew Hoop Podcast. After Steve's earlier plea for fans to avoid using the looming arena issue as a justification for the latest player signing, the guys jumped right into the thick of the analysis in this edition.

Here are the topics that were covered:

Broad Reactions - After a career year in 2011-12, what trajectory is Ilyasova on going forward over the next five years? Could he continue to improve? Will he regress? What did the Bucks get for roughly $9M annually? The one certainty is that the price tag indicates he must be a starting power forward now.

Why Fans Should Avoid Blaming Ilyasova Under Any Circumstances - Ersan looks like a long-term fixture on the Bucks, but is he a central component? As his minutes go up and his role expands, will the shooting efficiency and rebounding numbers look quite as good? If not, it woul be unfair to blame Ilyasova or question his effort/motivation. We provide guidance on how to avoid that pesky trap that disgruntled fans can easily get caught up in after a big deal is signed.

Where Should We Look For His Impact? - The obvious answer to this question is that people should look in the same places everyone is looking now -- advanced stats like PER, ORR, DRR, TS%, etc. However, those aren't the only places to look for a meaningful impact. We break down what to watch for in team lineups featuring Ilyasova and Samuel Dalembert together in the frontcourt, and we also discuss alternative ways to gauge the shooting numbers.

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