Is Iguodala an option?

It seems like the 76ers are sort of shopping iguodala around. See this

He's got a big old contract, and they just used their amnesty on Elton Brand. I'm totally spit balling, but would that be a good trading partner for us? We definitely need size at the 2-3, and Iguodala is super talented (if a bit mercurial). We have a ton of size for cheap, and maybe a bit of cap flexibility (although not nearly as much after Ersan's deal). I know they don't really need a pg, but maybe you can make it a three team deal and include jennings. I dunno, in a dream world it'd be pretty great to have a starting lineup of Monta, Iguodala, Harris, Illyasova, and whatever combo of center you'd like. Just a thought.

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