How many teams would really pursue Brandon Jennings this summer?

Grant Halverson

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There has been a lot of discussion here at Brew Hoop about the possibility of trading Brandon Jennings as insurance in case he is offered a big free agent deal this summer. I think where he signs as a restricted free agent comes down to five questions:

1) How many teams are in need of a point guard?

2) Of those teams, how many have cap space this summer?

More info at Shamsports

3) Does Jennings' playing style fit on those remaining teams?

4) How many other quality point guards are free agents this summer?

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5) How many quality point guards are potentially available in the draft?

More info at Draft Express

I could try to answer these questions in one Fan Post, but it would be painfully long and I frankly don't have all the answers to these questions. I did try to answer the first question and my list came down to just eight teams including Hawks, Raptors, Heat, Mavericks, Hornets / Pelicans (though I think they'd prefer to resign Vasquez), Jazz, LA Clippers(Paul is a FA, and they might just go cheap), and the Kings. That isn't a lot when you consider there are still four more questions to be answered that would certainly eliminate several of those teams.

So, rather than ramble on, I will turn to the Brew Hoop readers. What are some realistic free agent destinations for a $10 million plus Brandon Jennings? The conclusion I came up with after looking at all the factors is that he will not get the big offers he thought and sign the qualifying offer this summer so that he will be an unrestricted free agent next year. I think the Bucks would be just fine with that option too, since it would give them another year to evaluate him, and possibly bring in a backup who can compete with him for the starting job.

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