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Bucks bringing back mid-'90s alternate road uniforms this weekend

The Bucks will be among the teams rocking retro looks in February as part of the NBA Hardcourt Classics series, bringing back the green-and-purple deer jerseys that first appeared during the 95/96 season. Good times!

You'll be seeing less red and more purple this month.
You'll be seeing less red and more purple this month.
Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It's one of everyone's favorite sports novelties: new jerseys!!!

And for many, the only thing better than that are new jerseys that are really just old jerseys. Retro chic, dig?

Well Bucks fans, we have good news. As part of NBA Hardcourt Classics month, the Bucks have dusted off their mid-'90s purple-and-green alternate jerseys and will wear them on both Friday in New York and Saturday at home against the Magic, as well as eight more games after that. Depending on your taste, these jerseys are either awesome in a horribly '90s kind of way, or awesome in an awesomely '90s kind of way. Did that make sense? Didn't think so. For more on the jerseys and the glorious '90s when they first appeared, be sure to check out Alex's piece over at

I'd rank the purple-and-greens squarely behind the classic '71 look the Bucks sported two years ago, which is weird to say because I remember absolutely loving the purple-and-greens when they were first unveiled ahead of the 95/96 season. Time wasn't so kind to them in this writer's opinion, but the novelty of seeing them back on the court is enough to make me happy to see them revived. That's especially true considering I'm not among the many who like the Bucks' current alternate red road unis (though I'm a big fan of throwing "Milwaukee" on the front).

The Hardwood Classics month also offers another reason for me to wonder why we've seen so few Bucks jersey changes to begin over the years. As a fan of European soccer, I've never been able to figure out why American sports leagues seem to frown upon more regular jersey re-designs, especially given how few teams have what one might consider iconic, timeless jerseys. Not changing the Packers' jerseys? OK, I get that. But keeping the Barney purple jerseys for a decade? I don't get it, but I suppose in a couple years we might find ourselves getting excited at the notion of seeing the modern Bucks rocking those, too.