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Bucks vs. Rockets recap: A meltdown in tweets

It was, quite literally, a tale of two halves for the Milwaukee Bucks in their 115-101 loss to the Houston Rockets. Both teams played up to the speed potential of their namesakes at different points, but as we all know from physics classes, Rockets are much, much faster than Bucks.

Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

"That was as bad a collapse as I've ever seen."

That was the quintessential quote from Milwaukee Bucks coach Scott Skiles summing up the Houston Rockets' second half desecration of the BMO Harris Bradley Center that led to a 115-101 win for Houston.

In order to spare you from a comprehensive re-visit of last night's harrowing events, we've decided to take a Quentin Tarentino approach: giving you the ending in the first few minutes and looping back to the beginning to tell the story through a series of tweets.

Of course, this is a blog, so I can't exactly give you a "life cycle" of this catastrophe via a movie format. OK, maybe I can, but who has time to watch a 2:30 recap of something so ugly it's beautiful?

Anyways, enjoy. Also, if you have any tweets you think are worthy of inclusion, please @reply/DM/email them to me.

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