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Jim Boylan to assume head coaching duties

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Following the Bucks' agreement to part ways with head coach Scott Skiles, Jim Boylan will reportedly assume head coaching duties.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Following the sudden departure of Scott Skiles from his head coaching position with the Milwaukee Bucks, the team needed to appoint a replacement for their upcoming game against the Phoenix Suns. It appears the Bucks have already appointed Skiles' successor, and not just for the immediate future:

This isn't the first stint as a replacement head coach in Boylan's career. In fact, it isn't his first time replacing Scott Skiles. After Skiles was fired by the Chicago Bulls during the 2007-2008 season, Boylan took over as interim head coach. The Bulls finished that season 24-32 under Boylan and missed the playoffs. When Chicago elected not to retain him, Boylan joined Skiles as an assistant in Milwaukee.