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Recap: Bucks game called in first quarter after court ruled unsafe

In one of the strangest occurences in a game maybe ever, the Bucks last preseason game gets called after starting out to a 14-9 lead.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

Box Score?


The Bucks game was called six minutes in due to the (brand new) court being deemed unsafe by the officials. After meeting at half court for several minutes, both teams and the officials split off and the game was subsequently called. The court had become a concern early when several players from both sides were unable to gain consistent footing frequently. In other words, the court was super slippery and everyone was falling and I was laughing but now I'm not laughing as much because there is no game.

Bucks color analyst Jon McGlocklin was sent out to diffuse the situation and announced that the team would allow paying customers to exchange tonight's ticket for a regular season game in November.

Player Observations??

Khris Middleton scored 8 of the team's 14 points, which equates to roughly 57 percent of the scoring. This has easily been the best game of his career and will go down in Bucks history most likely.

Zaza Pachulia made a ridiculous "layup", throwing the ball backwards over his head after fumbling through contact in the lane.

Now what?

That was the end of the Bucks preseason, with the regular season set to tip-off on October 30th when they head to New York to face the Knicks. The Bucks will make a stop in Boston November 1st before returning to the slip-and-slide BMO Harris Bradley Center on the 2nd to take on the Raptors.