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Brad Stevens seems like a good guy: Sign Guy shines at Bucks game

The Bucks did snap their winning streak behind great play from the young guys, but one fan was the clear cut winner of last night's game against the Celtics.

As we covered briefly in the recap last night, the star of the game may have been a guy seated not on the bench, but rather in the stands.

Sign Guy, more commonly referred to by friends and family as Kaz Gunning, stole the show with his simple, yet fantastic displays. Kaz had about five or so signs with him when I talked to him after the game, but the two he chose to display were arguably the best. Let's go through them again.

I can't really explain why this sign is so perfect. Is it the simplicity of it? Most people take lots of time to make elaborate designs or personalized messages to players, but this is just a straight-forward genuinely reasonable statement, and it's hilarious.

I asked Kaz what his inspiration for this sign was and he quickly replied with, "well, I mean...doesn't he seem like a good guy?" Can't really argue with that now, can we?

The second sign was a little more specific, but still pretty hilarious.

A few things here to note:

1) Yes, Rajon Rondo is that bad at free-throw shooting.

2) The Starters, the new blog and TV show on NBATV from The Basketball Jones crew, had their "sixth man" Leigh Ellis shoot free throws during their show to help benefit the relief efforts for the typhoon victims in the Philippines. Ellis started out shaky, but got in a rhythm and ended up hitting 76.5 percent of his shots (13/17) to raise $520, hence the stat on the sign (note: NBA league average last year was 75.3%). Obviously Kaz was hoping to get The Starters' attention, and if he keeps making awesome signs like this he'll get much more than he ever expected. Nice work, Kaz.

(Shoutout to the woman who was with Sign Guy as well (Sign Girl?), whose relationship to him I didn't catch. She said she also had made a sign that said "Go sports!" That's so great.)