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Larry Sanders cited in nightclub brawl, surveillance video released

It had been almost a month since Larry Sanders was involved in a fight at a Milwaukee nightclub. Now he is being cited and surveillance video of the incident has been released.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Milwaukee police have cited Bucks center Larry Sanders for disorderly conduct and assault and battery for his role in a fight at a Milwaukee nightclub last month. Both citations are municipal, meaning that Sanders will only be paying for his transgression in the form of fines. No further criminal charges are expected to be issued against Sanders.

Sanders' attorney Michael Hart said that Sanders was not the aggressor in the incident, and that Sanders has gotten a bad rap since the incident. Sanders will appear in court on January 21st.

Surveillance video of the incident also surfaced today, showing some altercation spilling over into a corner of the nightclub right in the surveillance camera's view. After working his way into that corner, Sanders can be seen lobbing bottles of something (presumably the reported champagne) towards the throngs of people that appeared to be cornering him. This triggered some special type of chaos, because the crowd can then be seen inching their way forwards, with one guy making a go of it and jumping on Sanders' back.

It all gets pretty hectic from there, and no real answer as to whose fault it is emerges. All that is clear from this video is that the floor in Apartment 720 (the nightclub) is ridiculously slippery and should be addressed immediately.

Here is the surveillance video for your viewing pleasure: 

(via Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Inc)