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VIDEO: Bucks trade rumors, first-half recap, and second-half predictions

The Brew Hoop staff gets together to discuss the first half of the 2013 Milwaukee Bucks season. Were there any surprises? What will the second-half bring? And of course, what will the Bucks do at the trade deadline?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Looking for a fancy multi-screen video recap of the Bucks 2013 season so far? Frank Madden, Steve von Horn, Jake McCormick, and Dan Sinclair have all the angles covered. Well, some of them.

The crew takes stock of where the Milwaukee Bucks stand after 51 games. How have they matched up against expectations? Has any sort of "core" emerged? Where do we expect them to finish in the Eastern Conference playoff picture? Of course, trade season is the dominant storyline right now, and everybody has an opinion of what the Bucks need to do. Can Milwaukee drastically improve their team with a blockbuster deal? Are there any such deals available?

Answers to these questions and more await you in the latest Brew Hoop Roundtable!