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NBA Trade Deadline: Josh Smith deal "unlikely" to include Monta Ellis

The Bucks remain in pursuit of Josh Smith, but a new report suggests any deal is unlikely to involve Monta Ellis.

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

According to's Ken Berger, the Atlanta Hawks' rumored interest in dealing Josh Smith for Monta Ellis may have been exaggerated, or at least have cooled significantly:

It's unclear if the restraint is coming from Milwaukee's unwillingness to part with Ellis or Atlanta's lack of interest, but the report is a departure from earlier rumors suggesting Atlanta was targeting Ellis in a deal with the Bucks.

This latest rumor falls somewhat in line with reports that Atlanta's push to move Smith may be weakening:

With no clear deal having been discussed to the knowledge of most, it's impossible to say why trade talks have died down for Atlanta's free-agent-to-be. There was logical speculation that Milwaukee was interested in acquiring Smith without parting with Ellis or Brandon Jennings, as Smith had expressed interest in signing an extension to play with the pair. But there was never any strong evidence suggesting Bucks GM John Hammond was taking those reports into consideration.