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Super Bowl Sunday Funday Spectacular Link Day and Thread

The Bucks might have the day off, but don't worry--supposedly there's some other sporting event going on tonight in Louisiana.

Aaron Rodgers would rather be watching the Bucks.
Aaron Rodgers would rather be watching the Bucks.
Jonathan Daniel

With the Bucks getting an off day after last night's (un)convincing 107-98 win over the Magic, the world turns its attention to New Orleans and that whole "Super Bowl" thing (5:30 CT, CBS).

So who ya got? Niners or Ravens? With the Packers home and watching like the rest of us, are you watching for the game or the commercials? And should it be called "Football" or "Jump Carry Run Throwball"?

Peep all the SB Nation coverage below:

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* Matt Ufford's awesome, envy-inspiring food tour of New Orleans!

* Jon Bois' discomfiting Super Bowl Party breakdown!

* A drinking primer from Big Bois!

* Former Top Chef contestant Eli Kirshtein's perfect nachos!

* All of the commercials you'll see today!

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* Our excellent Ravens blog, Baltimore Beatdown!