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VIDEO: Larry Sanders injures back in loss to Nuggets

Larry Sanders was carried to the locker room after hitting the court hard following a mid-air collision with the Nuggets' Kenneth Faried.

While the Bucks' disheartening loss to the Denver Nuggets is fresh in fans' minds, the biggest story going forward could be the injury to starting center Larry Sanders. Late in the 4th quarter with the Bucks up by three points, Larry tried to defend an enormous straight-on dunk attempt by Kenneth Faried. The resulting mid-air collision sent Sanders crashing to the floor, where he remained face-down clutching his lower back for a few minutes. Sanders was eventually carried to the locker room by teammates.

According to the Bucks' official Twitter account, Sanders could miss tomorrow's game:

In an interview after the game, Sanders said that initial x-rays showed no major damage, so hopefully the injury is relatively minor and won't have major repercussions going forward. It's reasonable to expect Sanders will be held out tomorrow, if only because he'll likely have significant swelling around his hips and lower back. After a stunning offensive performance against the Nuggets, Samuel Dalembert would likely get the start in his place.

(h/t @jose3030 for the video)